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Corporate Governance

Based on management principles aspiring to build an excellent company that is full of individuality, develops creative and challenging business projects, and wins the trust of its customers as well as society, we are strengthening corporate governance by heightening managerial efficiency and corporate transparency.

Our Company's Overall Organization

We use a corporate auditor system.
Our Board of Directors consists of 9 directors (all of whom are internal directors), and the Board basically meets once a month to make decisions on legal, contractual, and other management-critical matters, as well as to supervise business execution. The Board of Auditor consists of four auditors (three of whom are external auditors), and they audit the business execution of the Directors by attending Board meetings, management meetings, and other important meetings, inquiring about reports from the CEO and other officers, and checking critical documents.

Corporate Governance System Chart

as of June 28, 2012

Corporate Governance System Chart

Basic Environmental Policy

The Toenec Group Basic Environmental Policy

The Toenec Group Basic Environmental Policy, which is based on the Chubu Electric Power Group Basic Environmental Policy, was established as follows, to play an active role in environmental protection.

The Toenec Group is a group of engineering and construction companies whose core businesses are electrical and air-conditioning ducting and information communication. Through its businesses the group strives for environmental protection activities suitable to the
twenty-first century, while each and every employee follows his or her code of conduct and contributes to the development of society.

  1. Aiming to create a low-carbon society.
  2. Striving to co-exist with nature.
  3. Aiming to create a recycling-based society.
  4. trengthening community and global ties.

Principles on Contribution to Society

As a member of the Chubu Electric Power Group, we contribute to society based on the “Key Principles of the Chubu Electric Power Group on Contribution to Society,” which articulates contribution to society as a group.

Key Principles of the Chubu Electric Power Group on Contribution to Society

Based on Chubu Electric Power Group CSR Declaration, we formulate a "Key Principles on Contribution to Society" as below.

As good corporate citizens, the Chubu Electric Power Group will continue to actively contribute to sustainable development of the regional community.

  1. Focusing on conversation and cooperation, we will help grow the regional community.
  2. We will contribute to society not only as a group of corporations, but also by respecting and supporting voluntary activities of our individual employees.
  3. We will widely communicate our contribution activities for constant improvement.
Priority Areas
  • Securing community safety and peace of mind
  • Preserving the environment
  • Training future generations
  • Culture and sporting activities


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